SiteGround vs. Arvixe Web Hosting – Which one to Choose?

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For lower price, both SiteGround and Arvixe comes with some pretty good and decent features. The consumer for shared web hosting plans are usually the newbies in this field, people who are starting a website for their business or making the website their business. To meet these requirements, Arvixe and SiteGround both have many spectacular features. Not just the newcomers, there are higher priced and better configured advanced website hosting plans with much advanced features as well.

siteground vs arvixe

If a comparison is to be done, which would be more preferable to a newbie website owner? This is a very frequently received question. While there’s no specific answer to this question, we have tried to make an elaboration by describing these two company’s website hosting plans and specifications.

Website Hosting

SiteGround has shared hosting, WordPress based shared hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, reseller hosting plans etc. Many web hosting blogs given good to excellent review to SiteGround. On the other hand, Arvixe refers to these plans by Class. Shared website hosting is offered under Personal Class, whilst the dedicated hosting plans are offered under Business Class, Reseller Class etc. VPS Class is another class where user could buy a Virtual Private Server and use it for any purpose.

However, among these all usually the shared hosting plans are most popular with any website hosting company. Dedicated servers come afterwards, other options like cloud hosting and VPS servers are usually personal preferences.

Shared Website Hosting

In a shared hosting plan, many websites are usually hosted on one computing platform. As the resources are being shared, the pricing is usually much lower than the dedicated servers but there’s no guarantee about the superiority of service.

SiteGround has three different shared hosting plans, ranging from $3.95/month to $14.95/month by using a siteground deal. The initial plan comes with only one domain registration while the latter comes with multiple, and the hard drive space is higher as well.


On the other hand, Arvixe offers two Linux based shared website hosting plans named Personal Class, and Personal Class pro. Both offers unlimited data space, bandwidth etc. The first one costs $4/month while the latter comes for $7/month. The same plan costs $5/month and $8/month with a Windows OS based server, under Arvixe’s Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro plans.

Dedicated Servers

Though the shared hosting plans from Arvixe are costlier than the SiteGround shared hosting plans, the case is opposite with the managed dedicated servers. SiteGround has three dedicated server plans while Arvixe has a handful of them.

SiteGround’s initial dedicated server named Entry Server costs $229/month; and the highest tier dedicated server named Enterprise server costs $429/month. Both these plans are based on Intel Xeon CPU, different configuration of course.

The lowest tier Arvixe managed dedicated server costs $128.70/month whereas the highest tier server costs $357.50/month. The pricing is much lower than SiteGround’s highest tier dedicated server plan.

WordPress Hosting

Apart from the regular shared and dedicated web servers, both of these companies offer WordPress based web hosting as well. Arvixe offers managed WordPress hosting which is available at around $100; on the other hand SiteGround only offers a WordPress plugin enabled shared web hosting plan at the same price of the same; there’s nothing much technical with the SiteGround’s hosting plan.

Site Uptime Guarantee

Both companies claim 99.9% server uptime guarantee. To some extents, both companies have legit claims. The uptime is around 98.5% and above for the whole time, that’s enough because a human made system can’t truly be 100% error free. Arvixe has better track records of server uptime, though.

Customer Service

Both Arvixe and SiteGround has several different methods of providing customer service to their customers – over 24/7 hotline number, via email, or via live chat. All these methods work just fine and customers are mostly satisfied with the output, according to many user reviews.


As it appears, both Arvixe offers flexible packages for website hosting. If you require Windows based hosting, Arvixe should be your choice. Otherwise both works just fine.

Which WP Engine Shared Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

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WPEngine is a leader in web hosting services, specifically catering to WordPress apps and websites. It is a private company founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen. WPEngine was created to cater to the growing need for scalability, security, and speed. WP Engine has over 40,000 centers and has data canters operating in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. WPEngine’s hosting service was also rated 4.5/5 stars by a hosting review website, WhoIsHostingThis.

wp engine review image

The plans provided by WPEngine are:

  • Personal Plan / $29 a month – Guarantees 25,000 visits per month with local storage of over 10GB. It even includes 24/7 chat support.
    Suitability: Suitable for personal bloggers and local websites.
  • Professional Plan / $99 a month – Guarantees 100,000 visits per month with over 20GB of local storage. It includes 24/7 chat and phone support and supports 3rd party SSL.
    Suitability: Suitable for small businesses or shops selling their services online.
  • Business Plan / $249 a month – Guarantees 400,000 visits per month with local storage of over 30GB. It includes 24/7 chat and phone support and supports 3rd party SSL. This plan is also multisite ready.
    Suitability: Suitable for medium scale and some large-scale businesses depending on the traffic expected on the site.
  • Premium Plan – The Premium Plan cost will be revealed only after you state your requirements to WPEgine. This plan guarantees over 1 million visits per month with up to 300GB of local storage. You also get a dedicated environment and strategic account management as well.
    Suitability: Perfect plan for large businesses who expect their website to handle large-scale traffic with amazing stability.
  • Enterprise Plan – The Enterprise Plan cost will be revealed only after you state your requirements to WPEgine. This plan guarantees over 5 million visits per month with up to 1TB of local storage. You also get a dedicated environment and strategic account management as well. You also get 24/7 ticketless support.
    Suitability: This plan is perfect for large multinationals that need multiple sites with a lot of traffic. These companies would need their website to run at optimum utilization at all times.

Whatever your requirement, WPEngine has a plan for you. You do not have to worry about costs as well. WPEngine offers various offers and coupon codes that you can redeem and get a cheaper plan for yourself. Don’t forget to use wp engine coupon codes and save money on the hosting plans. Keeping in mind the stiff competition, WPEngine is certainly heading the market with excellent technology, unmatched service, and competitive pricing. You need to keep in mind various factors before deciding what the best plan is for you. The number of visits expected per month is the most crucial factor. WPEngine provides stability based on the number of visits per month. Any more traffic can cause problems like a website crash. To avoid this, know your business well and stay ahead of the game by anticipating your success and choosing a wise plan. Staying one step ahead is half the battle won.

Bluehost India vs. Bluehost International

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Bluehost is a favorite to the people looking for WordPress based web hosting servers. They literally have as many managed WordPress hosting plans as one would require, and there are other hosting plans as well. To make these services reach worldwide, Bluehost has launched regional servers across the world and one of them is, especially modified for the people living in India. If you are located within any states of India, then you would probably be redirected to when you go to their website. Check Bluehost India Review and Bluehost India coupons which support Indian Payment gateways.

bluehost india review and coupon

Now do different websites offer different quality, or are they basically the same? We have tried looking for the answer.


One core difference offers is, the ability to make payments in the Indian currency INR. Anyone with an internet usable credit card can use it online to pay in Rupees and sign up for their accounts. Dollar payment isn’t necessary while an account is signed up via regional website. Other features remain unchanged, for example the lowest priced Bluehost package costs only Rs. 239/month, this plan offers unlimited bandwidth, hard drive storage, plenty of domains and unlimited hosting space. The price may reduce even more with hosting coupons, still be payable in Rupees.

Even the cash refund feature stays effective just like the mother website; the 30 day money back guarantee will be effective.


Bluehost is acquired and owned by Endurance International Group, a web hosting company chain that owns more than 65 similar companies. isn’t some counterfeit replica websites, instead it’s the same backbone sharing regional website intended for Indian webmasters. However, there happens to be few changes in the technical end.


The international accounts offer cPanel as the maintenance dashboard. Most webmasters are used to seeing cPanel in their Bluehost account, thus the Indian subscribers may get surprised discovering an entirely different one. The dashboard looks more textual, less graphic contents are posted and it kind of looks difficult. On the other hand, dashboard looks friendly, colorful and seems to have more features. Below is a comparison between them two –

This is how the Indian Bluehost dashboard looks like

And this is the international Bluehost dashboard

Both hosting accounts offer similar features but finding them is difficult on the Indian variant. Wiser decision would be installing cPanel as the dashboard on the Indian Bluehost accounts.

The Better One, Which One?

Arising of the next question is natural, which one seems to provide better service? Since the dashboards are different, it gives an illusion of two different services running on the same branding. These aren’t two different brands, however. Only the dashboard is different, and that can even be solved installing a control panel you prefer. Our control panel of preference is cPanel – since it is one most popular management interface for webmasters.

The Indian Bluehost is recommended for people who don’t have an international payment method, so that they can pay in INR. Other than that, everyone should use the hosting for more functionality at ease.


This isn’t really a quality comparison review between two regional websites of the same provider, rather why you should choose one over the other. Other than the payment convenience issue, we don’t really see any reason someone should sign up with the Bluehost India.

Tips to Change Your Website Hosting Company

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It is a scenario that is become increasingly frequently these days. People sign up for a relatively cheaper web hosting company to host their website for the first time. Their line of thought is that they can shift to a new host in the future if the need arises. Or there are others who fall for the marketing flair of a host who promises them moon. Before long, the clients wake up to the hard realization that the services is nowhere near promised.

Web Hosting Company

The customers involved in both these scenarios face a very imposing dilemma. Continue with the below par services which will definitely increase the revenue generated from the website or switch to a new host and suffer the revenue loss arising due to the unavoidable downtime problem. But in reality, you can make this transition without suffering too much monetary loss if you plan it carefully and go through each of the steps listed below.

How to Make the Transition to a New Web Host Company?

  1. Do not cancel your account, not just yet. Many people rush into the fatal mistake of informing their service provider as soon as they decide to end the contract. And most of them have realized it the hard way that it was not the wisest of decisions. For service providers are not under any obligation to preserve data after the formal notice of closure has been given by the client. They can clear up so fast that you won’t even get the time to back up your important data. Data thus lost is often irrecoverable, not to mention the adverse impact it will have on your business.
  1. Backup your data. Perform a full backup of all your data, information, settings and anything that you need to carry forward to the new host. You can use any reliable web development tool to do this backup. There are software’s that can backup everything right down to the smallest graphics and restore it later to a new server.
  1. And those details that cannot be backed up like password, security settings, alerts have to be manually noted down or saved to a storage device. It is not wise to trust your memory in these things because a web host change can be a stressful time for anyone.
  1. Understand that there is bound to be some downtime during transition. Customers won’t be able to access your website during this time. Therefore, it is apt to inform the customers in advance to avoid any panic and confusions. You can even go ahead and include a tentative time when you expect the website to be up and running again.
  1. Before you go ahead with your domain change, trial load your website to the new server and see if everything is as expected.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the overall performance, it is time to go about the domain changing step. You need to everything from scratch into the new domain. Double check after it is done for possible glitches.
  1. Now, it is time to cancel your current subscription. Go ahead and make that call!

By following these steps, you can ensure a stress-free web host transition.

HostGator Features Review & HostGator Coupons

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Not only the beginners but even veterans use HostGator; we were surprised to find out when we had asked a few experienced website owners about their opinion on HostGator web hosting service. Not only because it’s easy to use and cheap, but also because they are trustworthy. A subscriber can put their website’s reputation on HostGator. The website uptime is guaranteed, their technical backbone is up to the standard, they reach out their hands when you need and they provide a unique 97 days money back guarantee unlike anyone else. To save more of your money, you can avail HostGator coupon codes through many ongoing promotion campaigns as well. What else could you just ask for?

Hostgator review


HostGator Target Audience

Basically, the ultimate newbies tend to sign up for HostGator the most. Making money online is an emerging market now, and most people now give this a shot. As beginners, everyone wants a web host that is technically easy to set up, less hassle to maintain and of course, guarantees a satisfactory up-time. No one wants to see a website offline when they hit the address bar with an address!

Business can’t just take place on one domain. Entrepreneurs need at least one domain and plenty of free subdomains for running the wheels and HostGator plans are pretty helpful on this aspect. There’s a huge cost cut when you avail any HostGator plans using a HostGator coupon code. For example, our test unit costed $120; however the HostGator coupon provided us with $96 discount. How cool is that?

Hosting Plans

To make everything simplified, their only plan that sells now is the Happy Hosting plan. It’s pretty good, comes with 500 gigs of storage space on HostGator server, 5 TB bandwidth, unlimited users and mailboxes as well.

The above amount of space works out as unlimited for most people. Beginners don’t even require 500 gigs of storage space and 5 TB data transfer limit per month is insane! Unless some website hotlinks to the contents hosted on your domain, there is no reason you will soon run out of 5 TB.

However, there are three different options under this hosting plan –

  • The ‘Crazy Domain Insane’ Plan
  • Sweet Dreams and
  • Code Monster

The offer starts off with a limited data of 200 GB disk space and 4 TB data transfer per month, but continues to increase as you stick to using HostGator.

The Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel looks easy enough to explore and maintain your domains and servers. Even though professionals might call it a cPanel, it’s actually not one unlike other web hosts. HostGator has developed a full-fledged control panel for their service.

The FTPs you purchase or the plugins you install – all are manageable through this control panel. Upon activating shell login, you can access MySQL servers using the ssh prompt feature within the mysql client as well. Installation of WordPress, Joomla or MediaWiki takes only a few minutes. As you can assume, the HostGator control is totally worth the money you pay.

HostGator Coupons

To provide incentives to the potential customer base to sign up for HostGator, they often distribute HostGator coupon codes. Using 25% off HostGator coupon save the billing page you could avail exciting discounts!


For personal websites, look no further than a HostGator hosting. Even if it’s a small scale website, HostGator will do the job just perfectly.

inMotion Hosting vs Bluehost Web Hosting

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When it comes to hosting, very few people understand its demand and the current hosting offers offered by various companies. Well, if you’re into website building then you’d know right away that inMotion, Bluehost, Hostgator etc. are the pioneers in this hosting sector. They’re the best for their support and greater features offered under different criteria and price is also a factor. Today, we’ll see the newly featured inMotion and how it stacks up against the old geek Bluehost.

bluehost hosting coupon

Bluehost were one of the best and oldest hosting companies and it’s still running its business efficiently. However, it’s been caught up with the recent feature-enriched hosting companies but it didn’t give up its brand reputation. And this is why it’s still in the top 10 hosting companies in the world. Generally, Bluehost inaugurates the shared hosting plans in a very reasonable price with bluehost discount (as low as $3.49 per month).

On the other hand, inMotion is kind of a new competitor in the market, challenging the oldest competitors and rapidly growing trust among its clients. By rapidly building their hosting plans under reasonable prices, they’ve gained the trust of millions of users who just want a better feature-enriched platform for their websites.

Both the inMotion and Bluehost offers cPanel interface. But, Bluehost offers a bit more advanced and customizable cPanel interface. On the other hand, inMotion got the agility. Its Max Speed Zone Data network gives the clients an edge over performance. Both of these hosting companies have the best ratings. But, today we’ll see what points gives an edge to inMotion Hosting or Bluehost.

Advantages of Choosing inMotion

  • InMotion utilizes the Max Speed Zones for their data network. For this reason, the websites hosted under their platform are far more improved and loads faster. Plus, viewers can also see multiple features in the shortest possible time
  • With inMotion, paying bills has just become easier with their Account Management panel. Once you make an agreement with inMotion, you’ll receive your own Account Management Panel through which you can solve all of your billing issues
  • In terms of Customer Support, inMotion performs better than Bluehost. InMotion offers email, chat and phone support to their customers all around the world 24×7. Plus, their live chat support is really fast as well
  • InMotion doesn’t charge you for restoring your data once every 4 months from your backups
  • They offer Softaculous with which you can install softwares on your cPanel within a click
  • InMotion hosting has already got Joomla, WordPress preinstalled
  • WP-CLI is available to use along with SSH

Advantages of Choosing Bluehost

  • Bluehost is a well-reputed company for which they offers anytime money-back guarantee.
  • Since shared hosting is under their primary services, they use proprietary resource protection to save a user’s data from another user sharing the same server
  • Although, Bluehost has been receiving a few complaints recently about their customer support, they offers the best customer support with live chat, phone and emails
  • VPS and Dedicated hosting is also available now within reasonable prices

It’s hard to choose between these two hosting services. For more information visit easyweytohosting blog which describe all hosting reviews in brief. If you’re into features, go for inMotion but if you’re all about security, then Bluehost is your website’s hosting companion.

Make the Most Use of your Web Hosting Bandwidth

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Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer in per unit time, and it is one very confusing issue for the newbies to web hosting. The scenario of running out of bandwidth earlier than expected is very common and it happens to almost all web site hosting subscribers. During the initial days most web makers are engaged in making contents for the websites and putting them up, forgetting about the bandwidth. Eventually the website starts getting more visitors and thus the running out of bandwidth occurs.

webhosting bandwidth

Apart from the increase in visitor count there are many reasons as well. However, you could tackle this embarrassing situation by paying your host and increase the limit. But since prevention is better than cure, know beforehand what could happen and what would be your further steps. Here we discuss how you can make the most use of your hosting bandwidth.

Optimize your Website

People just do SEO optimization on their website and completely forget about content optimization for a neat web hosting experience. Heavy websites would take long time to load and transact more data between the host server and the visitor. As a result, bandwidth consumption will go higher than usual. Contents like photos, videos, large files are bandwidth hungry, it’s wise in all possible sense to minimize the placement of contents on your webpages unless absolutely necessary.

Filter Visitors

If you properly optimize your website to show up in Google search results, you will be getting views from the proper audience base only. Say for example, if your website is about smartphones but due to improper SEO people looking for baby nappies also land at your webpage – you will compensate your precious bandwidth there. If your web hosting plans are limited, you need to give the website more time to tune up. Don’t close the door for potential new visitors but filter out the ones who would never pay you back another visit ever again.

Prevent Hotlinking

That’s another issue you might not have ever noticed. If any other website hotlinks to your contents like photos or other graphical contents, or maybe video contents hosted on your server space, would sanction data when they are retrieved. No matter how they are retrieved, directly from your website or some other website’s hotlink, at the end of the day it’s your bandwidth it costs because the data transfer happens at your server. To prevent this, stop the hotlinking option from your web hosting cPanel. For most web hosting companies it’s located as a easily configurable option.

Backup Hosting

Just in case your website exceeds the allocated bandwidth limit, keep a backup host. Keep the mirror of same website in another domain and configure it such a way that if your visitors can’t visit the primary site then they are automatically redirected to the alternate site. During the downtime, this would be a great support to keep your visitors happy. No one minds some technical maintenance going on; you just have to give them what they want on time.


Limited bandwidth is tactful to handle. But if you know how to deal with it, you would probably not fall into any difficulty. You could both save your money and still have lot of fruitful visitors at the same time keeping your bandwidth unaffected following the methods we have mentioned above.